About Beardcrown


Jimmy. That’s the name of the guy who started everything. He has beard, of course. And as he made it grow, it became difficult to keep it cool. He washed, groomed and tried oils. But the oils were usually a disappointment. Either the beard was greasy, or the oil had a strange smell. Petrol, orange, honey. No, nothing felt right. Who wants to smell like an old gasoline pump?

A forest walk changed everything. That’s how it’s going to smell, he thought. Fresh and natural.

Jimmy found a friend who could make a beard oil just as he wanted it. It was the start of a whole new line of beard products for those who do not want any flaws. Oil that does not stick, smells that are directly derived from the Swedish forest – and ecological, of course.

It became Beardcrown. Now we are developing a whole range of products that polish the crown on your masculinity. Your beard.