Grow a thicker beard

Publicerad: 2018-07-15

How to grow a thicker beard

Having a beard is trendier than ever before and more men are trying to find ways to grow that powerful beard that can look truly amazing. At the same time, not all men have been blessed with awesome genetics. Some have a very strong growth and seem to get a lot for free. Others need to fight hard to succeed. At the end of the day, no one is perfect and it takes more than simply letting your beard grow while praying to some higher power. Consider it an entire science. Read on and we’ll help you take some steps towards the beard of your dreams.

Patience is important

As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and that applies to beards too. You shouldn’t count on growing that perfect beard on your very first attempt. Give it time. Remember that you need commitment, knowledge and experience. There’s also no reason to be worried. What is the worst that could happen? Possibly you might have to trim it down or shave it away. Still you got nothing to lose when it comes to giving your beard a fair chance. 

For many men the first serious attempt at growing a nice-looking full beard ends in disappointment, something that often stays with them for the future. Maybe it’s patchy or slightly weak and scrawny, instead of that glorious lion’s mane pictured beforehand. The truth is that your beard needs time to mature and it’s common with many years of work until it starts to fill out and show its true potential. A beard can age like fine wine, meaning time is on your side.

The skin must be kept clean and healthy

When trying to grow a thick beard you can take lessons from regular gardening. It all starts down in the soil, in this case in the skin where the hair follicles are located. There must be enough nutrition for the hair growth to thrive. Another challenge is to keep dirt and pollution away, since it has a negative influence. The more facial hair you have, the more important the cleaning gets. You want to get rid of everything that doesn’t belong in the face and open up the pores. The beard is also more comfortable in moist conditions. Do your best to moisturize the skin. One of the best solutions is called beard wash. Such products have been developed to give your beard exactly what it wants. If used regularly the beard will look fuller and healthier. In the next section we’ll take a closer look on how you get the right nutrition.

What to eat for better beard growth

Instead of listening to the common myths surrounding beards it’s best to use logical thinking. Everyone knows that beards grow from within so it’s affected by what we eat and by how we live. It’s also not a secret that hair and nails consist of similar components, mostly a protein called keratin. That some deficiency diseases often show themselves in the hair, the beard or the nails on the hands or the feet, isn’t exactly a coincidence. When the body doesn’t have enough vitamins and minerals, it tries to prioritize and direct resources only to essential things. The beard often becomes a loser.

One of our best suggestions is to improve your intake of B vitamins. They have a scientifically proven positive effect on hair growth, especially biotin (Vitamin B7). You’ll find plenty of biotin in for example nuts and egg yolks. Other vitamins that are good for the beard are B3, B5 and B12. In that case you should eat chicken, beef, fish, avocado, wholegrain products and also drink lots of milk. Many of the B-vitamins are beneficial for the blood circulation. If growing a thicker beard, you do need good circulation in your face. Another added benefit with B vitamins is that you improve your chances to avoid hair loss in other areas of the body, especially on your head. Don’t be afraid to buy supplements with B vitamins.

When it comes to minerals you should keep your eyes open for zinc, copper and silicon. A zinc deficiency leads to problems for both the skin and the hair. Sometimes it’s called a manly mineral, since it has a positive effect on the production of the male hormone testosterone. In addition it helps the body getting enough iron and A vitamins. Copper is good for the hair follicles and supports increased growth of new hair that also becomes stronger and healthier. Lastly there’s silicon and that helps in the production of keratin. If you’re uncertain about getting enough minerals from your food, make use of mineral supplements.

Excercise and sleep – avoid stress!

When you sleep the body repairs damage and makes sure to replenish your energy. It’s not a surprise that sleep is one of the keys to all types of growth, no matter if it’s hair or muscles. Insufficient sleep is a big enemy of beard growth. When your body is in shape and your metabolism is working, then your beard has the ability to grow faster and stronger. Lack of sleep, excess weight and slow metabolism has the opposite effect. Aim for at least 8 hours of sleep. Regular exercise will in addition improve your circulation due to the heart getting stronger. Most likely you will also sleep better when doing more physical activity, because most of us have a very sedentary lifestyle.

Something that must be avoided at all costs is stress. Bad hair growth and even hair loss is often linked to stress and hormone imbalances. Depending on your work and your life situation it can be hard to completely get rid of stress, but make sure to not compromise with rest and relaxation. When you give rest and sleep priority over other things, your beard will thank you. 

Use the right products

Earlier we mentioned beard wash and there are plenty of different products that assist in making the beard thicker and stronger. Invest in beard brushes and beard combs that you can use to train your facial hair to grow in the right direction. When you work with your beard you also create a type of massage that improves the circulation in the area. Long term all these efforts will generate great results.

For the appearance and to avoid an itching beard, buy beard oil. Another benefit with beard oil is that you don’t have to fear beardruff and you keep your skin moisturized, which we earlier saw is good for beard growth. It also makes the beard smell great and there are many different options. We also recommend getting a really good beard shampoo. Facial hair is slightly different from regular hair and these shampoos are developed with beards in mind. They clean, soften and protect the skin. The results are better compared to for example using your regular hair shampoo that can plug your clogs.

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