How to get a good looking beard

Publicerad: 2018-04-19

How to get a good looking beard

The beard has been a symbol of power and masculinity stretching back to all the way to ancient times. It gives many good vibes such as wisdom, strength, courage and confidence. Therefore it’s no surprise many men are looking to grow the perfect beard. After all, no other facial feature can be as eye-catching and send the same strong message. Now comes the problem. Getting a good looking beard doesn’t happen by chance. You have to commit, have plenty of patience and use the right methods. Follow this article to unlock your own potential for a great beard.

Give it one month to grow

Like many other things in life, success doesn’t come over night. Once you made the call to grow a beard you must give it enough time. Anyone can grow stubble, but for a full beard that also looks great there are no shortcuts. After a week or two many men actually quit. Common reasons are that the beard looks patchy, that it feels itchy or simply that they lose hope ever getting the nice, well-groomed beard that they pictured beforehand. During the first two weeks it’s best to resist the urge to trim and clean up around the edges. Instead you should prioritize growth. If it feels too itchy, consider applying beard oil. This type of oil helps the skin underneath and also makes the beard look more healthy.

By the third week it usually gets easier. The skin adapts to your longer facial hair and most importantly the project will start to look like a real, full beard. Now it’s acceptable to trim the edges, but be careful to not remove hair you intend to be part of the shape you are looking for. Also make sure to get a beard brush. By brushing the beard you train the facial hairs to be aligned in the way that makes the beard look best. When a full month has passed, you’ll be able to evaluate the status of the beard and start to take action to groom it and make it even thicker.

Groom the beard

The main secret for a good looking beard is to spend a lot of time on maintenance. Trim away dead ends, brush it and keep it clean using the right products. Since the skin and hair on the face is a little different as compared to the skin on top of the head, you’ll be able to find special beard shampoos and beard conditioners. Previously beard oil was also mentioned. Keep applying it to keep the skin and the beard healthy and strong.

Style the beard

These are techniques to add extra flair to your beard. Get some styling balm for your beard. A tip is to ask your barber which products suit your particular situation best. Depending on what climate you live in there are also ways to keep the beard fresher. Blow drying is another way to give the beard a unique style, especially once it’s gotten longer. Over time you will find many small tricks that takes your beard to the next level.

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