Beard oil

 Beardcrown beard oil is the highest quality organic beard oil you can find on the market. Carefully blended with essential oils to give that perfect scent you want. Make your beard more soft and prevent itchy skin and dandruff with our beard oil.

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What is Beard oil?

Beard oil are an oil mixed with various natural oils that make your beard and skin soft, Beardcrown’s beard oil contains almond oil, apricot kernel oil, argan oil, jojoba oil and even an essential oil to get the good smell. Regularly using a beard oil will make your beard softer, fuller and it will look much healthier and more groomed.

Most people who carrying beard in this world know how it can be when the temperature changes, when the air becomes dry, the skin underneath the beard can get very dry and start to scratch. Then dandruff can arise and it’s not nice. The solution to getting rid of dandruff is to use beard oil on a daily basis.

Beardcrown’s organic beard oil softens your beard, moisturises your skin and counteracts a itchy beard.

Do you have a beard that itch? It’s almost always because your skin underneath is dry and needs to be moisturized.

All men have different qualities on their beard, some straight, coarse, curly and thin you have to find your way to care for your beard. But anyone who has had a beard for a long time agrees that beard oil is a must in the bathroom to keep it moisturized.

If you have long beard you may need to supplement with Beard Balm.


You should always apply beard oil every day to get the best results on your beard. We usually recommend to our customers to apply beard oil every morning when you shower or wash your face. It can be difficult before you have gotten it in routine to remember to care for your beard.

Remember to shower or wash your face with quite warm water so that your pores open up, then the oil penetrates deeper into your skin and can nurture the beard roots.

How much beard oil should I use?

Everyone takes a variety of amount, we usually recommend 3-4 drops with our beard oil to a medium beard (1-3 cm). Of course, you can take more if you feel that it just fits your beard better. Remember to regenerate in the middle of the day or evening if you think your beard is dry, better to humidify once more than it is dry and can fall off.


Beard oil – Dandruff

Do you also have dandruff in your beard? You really are not alone, this is a very common problem among men wearing beard. To prevent dandruff, always use beard oil to prevent your skin from getting dry and irritated to avoid dandruff.

Beard oil AGAINST acne

If you have acne, there is another reason to buy an organic beard oil, as we mentioned earlier, soaking your beard oil is your beard, but even your skin is another plus that it counteracts acne. It is usually said that acne occurs mainly when the hair follicle is clogged, when the hair follicle is clogged, it becomes blocked pores and inflammation occurs. Beard oil keeps your skin in shape by cleaning and moisturizing it.

Beard oil for soft beard

The beard oil makes your beard much softer and more easy  to use, which usually makes it much nicer. A man’s beard that does not use beard oil regularly can be perceived as stiff and dry.

Beard oil – Make your beard smell good

With Beardcrown’s beard oils, your beard will surely smell really good. The feeling of having a herbaceous beard all day does not only increase self-confidence, but also gives positive signals to your surroundings.

faq about beard oil

how often and when should I use beard oil?

You should use beard oil every day to avoid dry, irritated, itchy and dandruff skin under the beard. As we mentioned earlier, the beard oil moisturises your beard so you resist the itchy skin and you nourish your beard so it can grow more.