Wild Currant & Sandalwood Beard Oil


What better than to combine wild currant and sandalwood in an aromatic blend like no other beard oil on the market. The scent provides a unique sensation that has turned many beard enthusiasts into loyal users of this beard oil. Only by choosing the very best carrier oils and essential oils have they come up with this mixture that is designed to condition your beard and take it to the next level. Expect more shine and an overall more attractive beard.

Describing the fragrance is not easy due to its special properties, but you can imagine a robust note of wild currant, which in turn is backed up by an earthy base note of sandalwood. Together they form a well-balanced fresh scent that is both enticing and pleasant. Owning a bottle of this product is a must for any modern beard aficionado. It provides much needed nourishment to the hair and skin, while also making sure the beard looks great and smells absolutely fantastic.