Pineforest Beard Oil


Beardcrown’s beard oil only contains natural & organic oils, our beard oil is a light oil that absorbs quickly and does not leave a greasy feeling in your beard. Perfect to use everyday. Our beard oil moisturises your beard and skin so that you don’t dry out and get itching and annoying skin.



Beard oil with a scent of Swedish Pineforest


    How to use Beardcrown Beard Oil

Push out some drops of Beardcrown’s bottle and now that you have our beard oil in your palm, rub it between your hands and divide it evenly. Next step is to work the beard oil in your skin and then on your beard. We recommend that you use our beard oil when you are soaked, then your skin is still moist and warm. The pores are still open and the beard oil is easier to apply to your beard and skin.


VOLUME – 30 ml



Prunus dulcis oil, Prunus armeniaca oil, Argania Spinosa oil (Argan oil), Simmondsia chinensis oil (Jojoba oil), Fragrant / essential oil.