Why to use Beard Oil

Publicerad: 2018-04-17

Why to use Beard Oil

Anyone serious about taking their beard from looking average to looking truly great will keep beard oil in their arsenal of products. On top of that, this special oil is known for reducing the painful beard itch, which often prevents people from growing the beard in the first place. Yet another interesting feature is that it can make your beard smell amazing. In this article we’ll outline the many benefits of using beard oil.

How it works

Beard oil use a fairly easy-to-understand formula based around a carrier oil and what’s called an essential oil. Most of the key benefits come from the carrier oil. It’s usually based on natural ingredients and derived from seeds and nuts. Typical examples are almond and jojoba. Many high-end beauty products also contain these oils for their proven ability to hydrate and moisturize the skin and hair, so it should come as no surprise that the beard oil manufacturers are also taking advantage of this.

The next component in beard oil is the essential oil. They provide the actual scent and sometimes also has other abilities, such as reducing acne. Among the different fragrances available at Beardcrown you can find Vanilla oak , Pineforest and Wild currant & sandalwood.

Get rid of the beard itch

The worst enemy of many men aiming to grow a beard is the annoying itch that usually shows up after a week or two. For some people it goes away, for others it lingers around and can keep pestering this poor soul for months. That’s why the common suggestion “just push through it” is not always the best advice. Beard oil provides an easier and more pleasant solution. The origin of the itch is not the beard itself, but the skin under it. When the hair on the face grows longer the skin craves more nourishment in order to stay healthy and not dry out. Beard oil supplements the skins own natural oils to prevent the dry conditions leading to beard itch. An added bonus is that it prevents dandruff. Just like dandruff for your hair, dandruff is considered unattractive, but easily stopped by proper application of beard oil in your daily routine.

A softer, less tangled and more beautiful beard

So how is the appearance affected? One of the best reasons to use beard oil regularly is that it makes a big difference for how the beard actually looks. Regularly applying beard oil helps to prevent the beard from drying out and it will look healthier.




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